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[Feb. 3rd, 2008|09:49 pm]
California Republicans



Latest Zogby Poll: Romney now has slight lead over McCain in California - Please Read and Forward before February 5th
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Michael Erickson
show details 2:52 PM (6 hours ago)
Dear Friends,
Please pass on this email to your full lists. California Republicans need to know that it is not a foregone conclusion that McCain will win the popular vote among California Republicans in a few days. Also, regardless of who actually wins the popular vote, Romney has a chance to pick up a lot of delegates here, since California is no longer a "winner take all" primary state but rather awards delegates by Congressional district.
Conservatives need to solidify behind Romney now, because the only practical alternative is that McCain wins the nomination. Huckabee may win a few Southern states, and he may do well in Missouri, but he is not going to be the nominee. Ron Paul may do well in a handful of caucus states (such as Alaska), but he is not going to win the nomination either.
At this point, it is either Romney or McCain; and while conservatives legitimately may have misgivings about Romney (as seen, for example, in his foolish interpretation of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts' decision regarding gay "marriage" there), he is going to be a much more consistently conservative President than McCain ever will be. Look closely not only at the positions that Romney has taken in this election campaign but at the people supporting him. His endorsements range from Robert Bork to Paul Weyrich, from former Senator Rick Santorum to Senator James DeMint (the hero in the fight against amnesty last summer).
McCain has endorsements from RINOS (like Schwarzenegger) to "open borders" Republican establishment types (like Senator Martinez and Texas Governor Rick Perry). He is definitely the media darling of the Rockefeller Republican liberals and will govern from that perspective, if he wins the White House.
If your main focus is on who may better defeat Clinton or Obama in the general election later this year, then consider this point: apart from the war in Iraq, where McCain has maintained a very different position than the Democrat contenders, he offers little difference on scores of other issues, like illegal immigration, tax and spending, and even global warming. The claim that McCain is a "spending hawk" is incredulous, given his support for massive increases in medicare spending, which far outweight his opposition to pork barrel projects. McCain in fact will be seen by the electorate in the general election as merely "Democrat lite," and that will cause his defeat in November. Remember: Republicans always lose nationally, when in fact there is only a nominal difference between the contenders.
Finally, for those California Republicans that want to get behind the "perceived likely winner" on February 5th, I urge you to consider the following quote from a Reuters article, which has derived from recent Zogby polling:
McCain, an Arizona senator, held a 2-to-1 margin in a new national Washington Post-ABC poll. In the Reuters/C-SPAN/Zogby poll, McCain held double-digit leads in New York, New Jersey and Missouri but narrowly trailed former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in California.
Again, please forward this email to your lists. We need California Republicans to recognize the stakes and to see that now is the time to stop McCain from taking over the GOP.
Note that this is my personal view and reflects the position of Republicans for the National Interest, for which I serve as Chairman. Because of the necessity of neutrality, it does not reflect the official view of the Sonoma County Republican Party, for which I also serve as Chairman. The Sonoma County Republican Party takes no position on contested primary races, such as the one that will be occurring on February 5th.  
Michael Erickson
Republicans for the National Interest, Chairman
1400 North Dutton Avenue, Suite 21
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

[User Picture]From: mmmmjournal
2008-02-04 09:45 am (UTC)
Meh, Romney is just another Christian running for office.

At least McCain wouldn't be blinded by Biblical mumbo-jumbo when it comes to matters of national security and social liberty.
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